After the devastating earthquake in 2010, Evangelical Christians, bolstered by sizable earthquake relief money, descended on the island to wage spiritual warfare. Preaching that the earthquake was God’s punishment for the practice of Vodou, their aim is to save the souls of the Haitian people by converting them to Christianity.

On the other side, the Vodou community believes the earthquake was a punishment from their Vodou ancestors for allowing Christianity to take hold, for allowing their ancient traditions and practices to be replaced.

At the center of the battle for the spiritual soul of the Haitian people: Vodou.

These are candid photographs cinematographer James Adolphus captured while on assignment with CNN for Believer with Reza Aslan,  a project that follows the author, religious scholar and show host Reza Aslan as he immerses himself in various religious traditions all over the world. Haiti - September 2015.